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Jun 10 2017
The Benson Lab attended the Gordon Research Seminar on June 10-11 and the Gordon Research Conference on June 11-16, 2016 in New London, NH, US.    Oral Presentations included: Charlotte Garing - Pore-scale investigations into the stability of residual CO2   Poster Presentations included: Yaxin Li...
May 8 2017
The Benson Lab attended the 9th International Conference on Porous Media & Annual Meeting from May 8th to 11th, 2017 in Rotterdam, Netherlands.    Oral presentations included: Charlotte Garing -  Pore-scale investigations into the stability of residual CO2 Meritxell Gran - Experimental study of...
Nov 14 2016
Benson Lab attended the 13th Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologoes in Lausanne, Switzerland from November 14th to 18th, 2016.    Oral presentations included: Charlotte Garing - Pore-scale evolution of residually-trapped CO2 at early stages following imbibition using micro-CT imaging...
Nov 2 2016
Congratulations to Charlotte Garing and Chris Zahasky for winning the Best Poster Awards at the 12th Annual Global Climate & Energy Porject Research Symposium held on Nov 2 - 3, 2016. 
Apr 11 2014
Tom showcased his research, "Evaluation of an Organically Cross-linked Polymer System for CO2 Leakage Intervention", in the 11th annual Stanford School of Earth Sciences Research Review.
Apr 11 2014 | National Geographic
Can Coal Ever Be Clean? It’s the dirtiest of fossil fuels. We burn eight billion tons of it a year, with growing consequences. The world must face the question. Coal provides 40 percent of the world’s electricity. It produces 39 percent of global CO₂ emissions. It kills thousands a year in mines...
Jul 1 2013
Tom and Dylan conducted a two week field study at the Zero Emissions Research and Technology (ZERT) Center in Bozeman, MT to characterize a shallow subsurface CO2 leak. See story and photos.
Nov 21 2012
Prof. Sally M. Benson was awarded the 2012 Greenman Award at the 11th International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Technologies (GHGT11), which is the largest international CCS conference held every two years. The Greenman Award is granted at the GHGT Conference to an individual to recognize his/her...
Nov 18 2012
November 18-22, 2012 We presented our research work in the following sessions: Tuesday: Sam Krevor - Multiphase Flow Properties of the CO2/Brine System for Carbon Sequestration, Session 5F. Christin Strandli - Identifying Diagnostics for Reservoir Structure and CO2 Plume Migration from Multilevel...