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The Benson Lab is a research group in the department of Energy Resources Engineering. We investigate fundamental characteristics of carbon dioxide storage in geologic formations as well as low-carbon energy system modeling and optimization as means of climate change mitigation. 

What's New

Mar 1 2018
Team Flip Your Grid placed first in Columbia University's national energy case competition.
Feb 22 2018
Da Huo works on evaluating oil and gas assets for the finance world. Great to see him using all he learned in ERE. He and his wife just moved into a beautiful new home just cross the Hudson River from Manhattan.



Spatial and Temporal Quantification of Spontaneous Imbibition

Zahasky, Christopher, and Sally M. Benson. 2019. “Spatial and Temporal Quantification of Spontaneous Imbibition.” GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS. AMER GEOPHYSICAL UNION.


Macro-Energy Systems: Toward a New Discipline

Levi, Patricia J., Simon Davidsson Kurland, Michael Carbajales-Dale, John P. Weyant, Adam R. Brandt, et al. 2019. “Macro-Energy Systems: Toward a New Discipline.” JOULE 3 (10). CELL PRESS: 2282–86.


CO2 plume migration and dissolution in layered reservoirs

Wen, Gege, and Sally M. Benson. 2019. “CO2 Plume Migration and Dissolution in Layered Reservoirs.” INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GREENHOUSE GAS CONTROL 87. ELSEVIER SCI LTD: 66–79.