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Community Advisory Council of Central Coast Community Energy; Member of Band of Angels; Former board member for the California Energy Commission

Jeff Byron

Jeff Byron, member of Band of Angels, has 45 years of experience in emerging energy technologies, the electric power industry, and energy policy. His recent focus has been on clean energy technology, community choice energy, and renewable generation integrated with energy storage. He was a Fellow in the inaugural cohort at the Stanford Distinguish Career Institute in 2015. He has also served on non-profit boards providing local services for the developmentally disabled and the world’s largest clean technology business accelerator. He currently serves on the research advisory board of a mid-level oil company evaluating new business opportunities in a low-carbon world and advises several startup companies developing unique generation and control technologies, energy management, and consumer-oriented smart grid devices. He serves on the Community Advisory Council of Central Coast Community Energy and is a member of the Band of Angels; Silicon Valley's oldest seed funding organization. He served for five years on the California Energy Commission presiding over numerous power plant siting cases, supervising public interest energy research, and guiding state energy policy. He received a BS and MS from Stanford University